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Julian Ćwirko

Front-End and JavaScript developer

My name is Julian Ćwirko, I am Front-end and JavaScript developer from Poland.

I mostly focus on:

  • React/React Native projects
  • GraphQL and Node backends (Hapi, Express)
  • Meteor projects (Full-Stack JavaScript): Atmosphere profile
  • Ghost Blogging Platform themes:
  • Front-end development
  • Other JavaScript stuff and tools: GitHub repos

You can see some of my open source projects here:

Also you can find some of my articles here:

What else...

I am a very big fan of NodeJS based frameworks and applications built only with JavaScript (backend and frontend). I like NodeJS, MongoDB and React. But I like coworking with PHP or Ruby developers too.

My tools of the trade are:

I am able to help you in these areas if you willing to hire me.
Follow me on Twitter: @juliancwirko and GitHub: @juliancwirko

You can also contact me through e-mail:

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